10 Spooktacular Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

Ghosts, mummies, and witches, oh my! I love Halloween, and all the spooky creatures that show up at my door looking for candy. Last year, I gave out packets of hot chocolate, so pretty much all of the children in the neighborhood stopped by. These free Halloween crochet patterns would amaze any trick or treater! There’s a variety of cute and creepy patterns that can be made just in time for Halloween. If you like this roundup, I also have an article full of crochet pumpkin patterns here.

1. Little Ghost by Stitch by Fay

This little ghost is the perfect scrap yarn project. You can use up whatever yarn you have left over from other projects, and have an army of ghosts!

2. Crochet House Spider by Zeens and Roger

This crochet spider has the perfect creepy shape. The beaded red eyes take it to the next level.

3. Crochet Witch Sami by Crochet 365 Knit Too

Now isn’t this just the cutest little witch? I love her hat and her little braids.

4. Halloween Granny Throw by Lakeview Cottage Kids

The granny square is so simple, but so effective. The colors in this blanket scream Halloween, but you could add pumpkin or ghost appliques for even more Halloween flair.

5. Spooky Batty Bat by Crafty Bunny Bun

These bats would look amazing hanging in a window, or in a car on the rearview mirror. The pattern is written in one size. The bigger bats are made with dk weight yarn, and the baby bat is made with fingering weight yarn and a smaller crochet hook.

6. Halloween Eyeball Granny Square by Stitch by Fay

A blanket made out of these granny squares would be so awesome and creepy! The red veins are embroidered on, which takes a bit more work, but you could make these granny squares without them.

7. Large Mummy by My Crochet Wish

The crisscrossing “bandages” on this mummy doll look amazing. I love the block design of the mummy, it suits it quite well.

8. Halloween Pumpkin by Yarn and Chai

This crochet jack-o-lantern is 6 inches wide by 5.25 inches tall. The face almost looks embroidered, but the effect is actually from using a crossed single crochet stitch. I had never heard of this stitch before, but it’s very simple. You yarn under when pulling up a stitch instead of yarning over.

9. Frankenstein Candy Bowl by A Crocheted Simplicity

What a spookatcular candy bowl! I love the open mouth that lets the candy peek through. The spike stitch hair is also very cool.

10. Jack-o’-Lantern Bag by Loops and Love Crochet

This pattern for is a simple Halloween themed pouch that’s 5 inches wide by 8 inches tall. You use tapesty crochet to make the cute jack-o-lantern design.

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